Business Banking

Natech’s Business Banking Solution is at the forefront of financial innovation. By
combining core banking functions with digital engagement, risk management, and
regulatory compliance, we help you serve the many needs of ambitious and
established businesses.

Key Benefits

Optimized. Customizable. Secure

Streamlined Business Operations
Our solution simplifies complex account, loan, and transaction management, driving unparalleled operational efficiency.
Customized Business Products
Tailor banking products, rates, and schedules to fit the unique requirements of your business clients.
Enhanced Risk Management
Employ advanced risk management with AML and credit registry tools to protect and streamline business operations.
Digital Engagement Across Devices
Offer business clients the ability to manage their finances with ease through our web and mobile banking applications.

Use cases

Unlocking Potential: Business Use Cases

Comprehensive Business Client Onboarding
Accelerate client onboarding, ensuring speed, efficiency, and compliance.
Business Loan Origination and Management
Streamline loan processes, manage portfolios effectively, and offer accessible credit options to business clients.
Corporate Treasury Management
Empower corporate clients with advanced tools for effective treasury operations.
Risk Management for Business Banking
Equip your institution with robust tools to manage various risks in business banking.

Solution Capabilities

A Complete Solution

Core Banking Integration

Merge core banking operations with digital channels for a cohesive business banking journey.

Digital Channel Optimization

Craft user-friendly web and mobile interfaces for a frictionless customer experience.

Advanced Risk and Compliance Tools

Arm your platform with cutting-edge tools to combat fraud and ensure compliance.

Modular Product Configuration

Swiftly configure and deploy new products, responding promptly to market trends and customer needs.

Open Banking Ecosystem

Embrace open banking to integrate a broad array of fintech services, expanding functionality and offerings.

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