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Community Focus, Global Reach

Natech is changing core banking. We do more than just handle daily transactions in real-time. We support your growth, give you the flexibility to adapt to a changing market, empower you to compete on a larger scale, and keep you connected in a fast-paced, digital world.


Not just a banking platform, but a catalyst for digital transformation. Effortlessly adapt to customers’ changing needs and reduce the time to market for new products with a user-friendly Core Banking solution. 


Overcome the inefficiency of legacy banking technology by consolidating operations into a single, seamless backbone. Cut operational costs and reallocate resources to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.


Deliver personalized experiences to create strong and enduring customer relationships. Say goodbye to outdated technology and complex processes. Enhance journeys to provide personalized and direct interaction with your clients. 


More than merely a core banking system, but a unified solution for all banking needs. Our complete Core Banking Solution streamlines operations, eliminating systems fragmentation. Achieve seamless service and operational excellence with one integrated platform.

Community Focus...Global Reach: "Natech Core Banking: a catalyst for growth

Use Cases

Transformative Business Scenarios

Core Transformation

Replace fragmented legacy systems with a unified, modern platform to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and offer personalized customer experiences. By integrating various banking functions into a single system, Natech’s Core Banking Solution supports a seamless transition to an agile and responsive banking environment.

New Launches

Founding a new bank or financial institution is now significantly easier. Our comprehensive suite of banking solutions empowers these entities to accelerate their launch on a single platform, enabling them to quickly establish operations with a robust and scalable core banking solution that grows with them.

Market Expansion

Move into new markets and set up new infrastructures with a Core Banking platform built for expansion. Our highly adaptable platform can be tailored to support local languages and currencies, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. We enable a smooth setup so banks can focus on growth and customer service from day one.

Product Design

Natech is the perfect partner for innovation and growth. Bring new products to market faster to meet changing customer demands and capture new opportunities. Whether it’s a digital wallet, peer-to-peer payment system, or specialized loan product, a modular architecture allows for rapid development and deployment – without disruption.


Customer-Centric Solutions


Natech’s E-Wallets Solution is designed to empower financial institutions with a affordable digital wallet platform, enabling seamless, secure, and swift payment transactions for their customers. Integrating effortlessly with Natech’s comprehensive suite of banking solutions, including core banking, digital engagement channels, risk management, and compliance, our E-Wallets solution offers a holistic approach to digital payments.


A complete front-to-end lending solution for retail, business, and universal banks, providing back-office functionality for lending and core banking operations as well as a product engine for configuring products, interest rates, fees, and payment schedules. The solution includes a Digital Channels solution for web and mobile banking, allowing customers to view and manage a wide variety of loans, and perform transactions.

Retail Banking

Designed for retail banks operating in lending and deposits, this solution takes care of all the back-office operations for deposits, accounts, and lending, along with core banking operations such as general ledger, limits, collaterals, customer management, and transactions. The solution utilizes the full stack of Natech products, combining the Core Banking solution with web and mobile banking applications. 

Natech Core Banking: Unified digital banking solution that boosts customer experiences and operational efficiency Natech Core Banking: Unified digital banking solution that boosts customer experiences and operational efficiency

Comprehensive Core Modules


Takes care of financial reporting, balance sheet management, and income statement generation.This module also records real-time Core Banking transaction details to the General Ledger.


Covers loans to any type of applicant and makes it easy to apply credit approval conditions. Offer multi-currency loans and process charges, loan terms, maturity, and more.


Manages the maintenance, and management of deposits, enabling customers to make multi-currency deposits into a comprehensive range of accounts, including savings, current, or checking.

Customer Management

Get to know your customers better with a full 360 view. Gain visibility of data, segmentation, and scanned images or documents, as well as balance details and other information required to achieve customer-centricity.

Trade Finance

Manages the entire lifecycle of origination and issues Letters of Credit or Guarantee. Retrieves data from other Core Banking modules in real-time, with transactions posted live to the General Ledger.

MIS Reporting

Collects data from Core Banking modules and builds reports to support strategic decisions, enabling performance tracking, financial health analysis, risk exposure analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Simply Innovative  

Natech Core Banking streamlines your operations, offering a suite of solutions that
enhance service delivery and speed to market. Pick and choose from our reliable and
efficient solutions with the flexibility to incorporate additional modules in the future.

Natech Core Banking: Unified digital banking solution for all your banking operations Natech Core Banking: Unified digital banking solution for all your banking operations


Faster launches of new products. Speed up development and hit the market in half the time


Cut IT costs by 75%, achieving unprecedented savings in technology expenses


Elimination of end-of-day consolidation. Automate most IT operations


Increase in available data. Triple the MIS depth of information to unlock deep insights

“A key advantage of Natech’s Core Banking solution is the live ledger system, which allows us to have a system that is available 24/7, without having to switch to standby operation.”

Yannis Tsavdaridis

CIO, Cooperative Bank of Epirus

“Our partner, Natech Banking Solutions, has already upgraded its software to be cloud based, helping us move faster in this direction with a time horizon shorter than three years.”

Panagiotis Tournavitis

CEO, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa

“Natech Banking Solutions’ platform is, for our Bank, a strategic choice and not just a Core Banking system choice.”

Panagiotis Tournavitis

CEO, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa

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