From a Small Office in Ioannina to a growing Fintech Force: Reflections of a Journey

Ιn the picturesque and rainy Lake town of #Ioannina, in the North-West of #Greece, a town of ancient legends and varying landscapes, a new story was beginning to unfold some 20 years ago.

A Vision Begins in Ioannina

Working from a humble office, right above a computer store (which actually was also the name of my family business at that time) a handful of individuals, my father included, embarked on a journey with a vision to make financial software simpler for smaller banks…and we formed Natech Banking Solutions. Little did we know, for the city of #Ioannina to emerge as a hub of technology and innovation.

Natech’s Evolution

Fast forward to today, and that dream has magnified beyond the boundaries of that small room. Today, our company numbers over 100 people, with a presence in several countries, boasting an incredibly diverse team of about 10 nationalities. It’s not just about the numbers, though… It’s about the harmony of bringing together so many different cultures, ideas, and innovations. This divergence is what brought us to this level, allowing us to challenge ourselves in a creative manner and being respectful of each other. 

Being the CEO, I often find myself in a whirlwind of meetings, decisions, discussions and loads of traveling. As always, there is good stuff and not so good stuff in your everyday moments. There are difficult decisions, not so positive outcomes and challenging moments that ruin the “tranquility” of what academic textbooks described as the life of a CEO… 

But in the quieter moments, I’m occasionally overwhelmed with a sense of pride. We have transformed into an organization with global aspirations and multinational presence whilst we keep evolving across all dimensions. Our expertise is now sought after by a diverse set of organizations, from banks to financial institutions, entrusting us with their technological needs and aspirations which calls for additional effort to improve and outpace the demand. It’s not easy and it will never be.

Beyond Software Solutions

On top of our #software solutions we strive on providing more. More in the sense of becoming better, more relevant and broader. We are consciously working on extending our presence and having an impact on a larger audience by increasing our delivered value. Our growth is not merely about expanding our footprint but also about evolving with the times. This sheer drive for “more” combined with our passion for finance and #technology gave birth to our very own, soon to be, digital bank, snappi.

Yet, at the heart of this expansive growth, the essence of partnership and family principles remain intact. Our values, trust, and close-knit relationships are the foundations of our current and future journeys. Every team member, no matter their nationality, seniority or role, is a part of this extended family, contributing uniquely to our shared purpose. Afterall, we are (and call ourselves as) Natechers.

As I pen down this journey, from Ioannina to the world, I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the first people, for every team member who joined along the way, for our clients who trusted us, for the partners we worked with, our investors who stood by us at all times and for every challenge that shaped us to what we now are.

Looking to the Future

The road ahead is long and promising. It goes without saying that it is going to be bumpy, like everything in life. But, with the legacy of our past and the promise of the #future, we are excited to chart new territories, envision exceptional new products, and continue making an impact, at a #global scale. Here’s to many more #milestones and memories!

Thank you all!

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