Mathias Schütz, Natech Banking Solutions: We Democratize Access to Technology

Natech Banking Solutions was the main sponsor of the Digital Banking Scorecard conference and report launch held on March 19, 2024, in Bucharest, Romania.

Mathias Schütz, International & Deputy Group CEO of Natech Banking Solutions, participated as a speaker in the fireside chat on “The Agile Way of Transforming Banking Operations.”

This article highlights some of the key takeaways from this insightful session.

Expansion into Romania

At the opening of the Digital Banking Scorecard conference, Mathias Schütz, International & Deputy Group CEO of Natech Banking Solutions, explained why the organization aims to expand into Romania.

“Romania is a country with a lot of potential. There are still discrepancies between urban and rural areas, and many unbanked customers, which presents numerous opportunities for growth here.”

Democratizing Access to Technology

Natech is a Greek company with over 20 years of experience in Greece and other countries, providing digital solutions for the financial industry.

Mathias mentioned that access to technology at a reasonable cost has been one of the challenges for smaller financial players.

“As technology evolves and large banks can afford the latest solutions, it becomes more difficult for smaller banks. This is where we can contribute by providing easy access to high-performance technology solutions for any company. Essentially, we are democratizing access to technology.”

Complete Digital Transformation

Natech’s approach is based on complete digital transformation, offering solutions for all banking operations, from digital channels to cloud-based core banking operations and UX-related modules.

“Doing nothing usually costs more than doing something. This is what we tell all our clients, who need to be prepared for digital transformation and innovation.”

Strategic Approaches for Smaller Clients

Mathias recommended that smaller clients approach the digital transformation process end-to-end. However, depending on their capabilities and vision, they can start by digitalizing specific areas and then expand over time.

Source & Other Notes

This article was originally published in Romanian on on April 1st, 2024.

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