Natech’s Μatoula Panagouli on Web Banking Trends

It is true that the pandemic has accelerated digital banking. Covid-19 has triggered an explosion in consumer demand for digital banking and led to a far more quick and radical modernization of web banking platforms.

What’s your opinion about the existing web banking platforms?

As a former bank executive and a less digitally savvy user Ι found out that this change isn’t as intimidating as Ι may have originally thought. Web banking platforms now offer a host of important benefits for consumers that can make their lives easier such as artificial intelligence, 24/7 real-time payments, and more transparent fee structures. In the near future we may reach the point of fully digital banking operation, an issue that is warmly supported by some but at the same time there are those who believe that the traditional bank business model is under attack. 

To what extent are the latest trends in web banking applications being adopted?

I am now part of  pre-sales team. We are developing a 360° banking suite, which includes our web and mobile banking systems. Our customers in the Greek market are quite demanding and keep up with the global trends through trusted collaborations with local vendors, such as Natech. They seek for more efficient tech-driven solutions and premium support services. Some of our customers abroad such as digital banks and financial institutions adopt global trends faster. 

On the other hand, consumers (mainly the older ones) need time to get acquainted with digital banking channels. Generation Z and Millennials need a variety of money management resources and tools to help them make more informed decisions on how they spend, save, and earn their money. At Natech, we have integrated such features into our systems, and we have created ”digital financial guides” offering QR payments, ready-made contacts, personalized interface and functionality, interaction between different banks’ accounts through a common interface, etc. 

You are an ex-banker now working in Natech. How do you perceive banking software from the vendor's point of view?

The truth is that I do look at banking software from a different perspective. I now understand the multi-year research required before designing it, the people needed to develop, promote, and support it, as well as the effort to be constantly up to date as trends run faster than development. 

Software is like a human being who needs constant effort in order to evolve and be innovative. I would therefore advise financial institutions to trust software houses like Natech, which operates in the global market and is certified and awarded by large organizations for its operations and solutions. 

Matoula Panagouli

Presales Executive at Natech

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