Retail Banking Solutions
for the Modern Customer

Become the bank of tomorrow — today — with a modular product suite that’s tailor-
made to empower local and regional financial institutions. Natech’s Retail Banking
solution is an all-in-one growth platform that scales with your ambitions, offering
everything you need to delight customers and stand out from the crowd.

Forward-thinking Retail Banking solutions for modern customers


Extraordinary Experiences From End-to-End

The banking market is evolving and consumers’ demands are changing – which means banks of all sizes have a unique chance to grow their market share. Natech’s comprehensive platform ensures customers have a great experience at every stage of their journey, helping you stay ahead of your competitors.


Product Customization: Configure and customize financial products using Natech’s core banking system. Natech enables banks to craft a platform that’s bespoke, fully featured, and perfectly poised to capture emerging opportunities or respond to clients’ changing demands. Begin your digital transformation with a solution that’s as unique as you need it to be.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - advanded configuration and customization


Digital Account Opening: Simplify account opening with Natech’s fast, seamless, and paperless digital processes. Make a great first impression and reduce friction for both prospects and employees at every stage.

Product and Service Activation: After being onboarded, new customers can quickly activate banking products and services such as deposits, loans, and transactions across Natech’s digital engagement channels, including web, mobile, and back-office.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - fast onboarding, and fast product and service activation


Fraud Prevention: Natech’s risk management and compliance modules protect against fraud, ensure AML compliance, and maintain a secure banking environment.

Credit Registry and Reporting: Capabilities for credit registry and reporting enable you to manage credit risks and comply with regulatory requirements.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - risk mangement and compliance


Daily Banking Transactions: Enable customers to perform daily banking transactions with ease, leveraging Natech’s core banking and digital channels for a seamless experience.

Loan Origination and Management: Natech’s lending solutions enable efficient loan origination, management, and servicing, including everything from mortgages to personal loans.

Personal Finance Management (PFM): Third-party integrations let you offer personal financial management (PFM) tools and features that let customers manage their finances, budget, and plan for future financial needs.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - seamless banking transactions


Cross-Selling and Upselling: Identify opportunities to offer additional products and services to existing customers, enhancing their banking experience and increasing their lifetime value.

Build Relationships: Engage customers with personalized experiences to foster long-term relationships and drive loyalty.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - boost customer loyalty


Product Development: Our flexible platform enables you to quickly develop and launch new products or services to capture opportunities and meet customer demands. Natech’s solution is also integrated with a global ecosystem of fintech partners, providing support and inspiration as you grow.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - accelerated innovation and go-to-market


Market expansion: Forward-thinking banks don’t stand still – and Natech is there to support you every step of the way. Our scalable solutions enable banks to easily expand into new markets and target customer segments to drive growth and increase market share.

Natech Retail Banking solutions - scalable suite that drives growth


Retail Banking Simplified

Give your customers the ability to bank from anywhere, at any time. They can access their accounts, make transactions, and more—anytime, anywhere. It’s convenient banking for everyone.
Comprehensive Features 
Streamline your customers’ financial activities with a single platform that integrates all services—from basic transactions to advanced savings tools and calculators—directly into your app.
Security and Control 
Ensure your customers’ peace of mind with a platform that detects fraud, filters unwanted subscriptions, and empowers users with full control over their finances. Accept no less than complete security.
Omnichannel Experiences
Provide a user-friendly experience across web and mobile, enabling easy management of finances on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Risk and Compliance Management 
Stay compliant and secure with Natech’s risk management suite, covering anti-fraud, AML, and credit registry for seamless adaptation to regulatory changes.


Key Product Features

Core Banking Integration 
Say goodbye to fragmented technology. Unify your banking operations with a single platform that combines deposit, loan, and credit processing capabilities with general ledger and reporting tools, creating a cohesive banking experience.
Optimized Digital Channels
Maximize every customer interaction with Natech’s user-friendly web and mobile channels. Offer a seamless experience across all devices with a familiar interface, ensuring smooth access through any channel.
Modular Configuration 
Every bank is unique – and so are each of your customers. Launch products rapidly and customize them with ease to satisfy market demands and cater to customer preferences.
Open Ecosystem 
Join the open banking revolution by leveraging the power of data and APIs to upgrade your platform. Natech offers integration with a wide range of innovative fintechs to deliver cutting-edge services, enhance functionality, and provide truly customer-centric products. 
“Through our cooperation with Natech Banking Solutions, we upgrade our digital systems and services and continuously improve the position of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, proceeding to the faster implementation of our digital transformation. The upgrade of our Bank with modern systems, strengthens its role in the local community, aiming to be a model company among the Cooperative Banks.”

Ioannis Vougioukas

CEO, Cooperative Bank of Epirus

Put your customers first with a flexible modular platform that’s built to support your growth. 

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