A Path To Profitable
Retail Lending

A simple and customizable solution that empowers local and regional banks, as well as fintechs and neobanks, to delight customers, build loyalty, and serve the diverse needs of their communities.

A Path To Profitable Retail Lending


Speed Up Your Journey From Lending To Value

End-to-End Loan Management
Simplify and automate the entire loan process from application to closure, enhancing efficiency and speeding up approvals to improve customer satisfaction.
Diverse Loan Portfolio
Natech’s product engine enables banks to quickly create and deploy customized lending products to cater to niche markets and respond to competitive pressures with agility.
Accelerated Product Innovation
Become a one-stop shop for all lending needs and attract a broader clientele. We support a broad range of loan types, from mortgages to personal loans, and more.
Smoother Lending Experiences
Offer seamless, user-friendly experiences for loan management and application processes that are fully integrated with digital channels, allowing customers to easily apply, track, and manage loans online.
Local Focus, Global Potential
Leveraging world-class tech and local expertise, our platform offers modern, compliant lending solutions and a global partner network for easy implementation and regulatory adherence.
Speed up your journey from lending to value

Use cases

Unlock Your Ambitions

Natech’s all-in-one solution offers everything you need to deliver extraordinary lending experiences

Risk and Compliance
Advanced risk management tools and credit scoring models assess borrower risk and set lending terms to ensure compliance with and adherence to reporting requirements, thereby enhancing the lending workflow.
Digital Customer Journeys
Integrated web and mobile banking experiences let customers apply for loans, upload documents, and track applications seamlessly. We support the entire lending lifecycle from application to collections.
Personalized Products
Quickly develop and deploy new lending products with a product engine that adapts to the needs of any bank. Use data analytics to create loan terms and interest rates tailored to individual customers.
Automated Decisions
Automate loan decisioning processes to reduce the time from application to disbursement and provide the fast decisions consumers expect when applying for products such as loans and credit cards. 
Microlending and Community Banking
A solution for microfinance institutions dealing with high volumes of microloans, enabling them to track repayments and handle loan renewals efficiently. You can also manage community-focused lending programs.

Key features

Driving Retail Lending Forward

Discover the power of our retail lending solutions: comprehensive operations, flexible customization, enhanced digital customer
experiences, and robust security and compliance. Built on a scalable architecture to grow with your needs.

Comprehensive Lending
& Banking Operations

A solution that seamlessly integrates with existing banking systems and supports all back-office operations for lending, including loan management, accounting, and collateral management. Our live General Ledger ensures 24/7 banking operations without end-of-day processing.

Flexible & Adaptable
Product Engine

Define and customize loan products, setting characteristics such as fees, loan terms, repayment schedules, and interest rates. Offer a range of lending products including mortgages, working capital loans, fixed or irregular installment loans, and subsidized/co-funded loans.

Digital Channels for
Elevated Digital CX

A simple way to deliver digital banking through web and mobile channels, enabling customers to view loans, perform transactions, and manage their accounts online. Digital origination minimizes the need for physical branch visits and enhances the customer experience.

Modular & Scalable

Add optional modules when you need them, such as cheques, standing orders, treasury, and more, catering to specific banking needs. Our adaptable infrastructure supports development on-premises, on the cloud, or as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Regulatory Compliance &

Our integrated Anti-Money Laundering module ensures compliance and enables the monitoring of suspicious transactions. Built around robust security protocols, it conforms to global security standards, ensuring data encryption and secure operations.

Customization &

Our flexible platform lets you easily merge and structure loans, offering integrated credit decision models to reduce risk and an efficient back-end to reduce administrative burdens. Build a bespoke platform that expands as you grow and scales with your ambition. 


Faster launches of new products. Speed up development and hit the market in half the time


Cut IT costs by 75%, achieving unprecedented savings in technology expenses


Elimination of end-of-day consolidation. Automate most IT operations


Increase in available data. Triple the MIS depth of information to unlock deep insights

“Our partnership with Natech Banking Solutions during the pandemic period enabled our employees to work remotely and made our services available to our customers just like they were in a physical branch.”

Yannis Tsavdaridis

CIO, Cooperative Bank of Epirus

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