The Journey of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa and Natech Banking Solutions

Empowering customer-centric banking with Natech’s turnkey Core Banking platform

Natech client since: 2003

Thessaly, Greece

Established in 1994 and based in Thessaly, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa serves a clientele of over 20,000, primarily consisting of small-scale businesses and social economy enterprises. Over the past two decades, its partnership with Natech Financial Software has played a key role in enhancing operational efficiency, expanding service offerings, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Deeply committed to its foundational values, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa focuses on delivering banking services that prioritize both customer needs and community welfare. To keep pace with competitive markets and evolving customer needs, the bank acknowledged the need for a significant technological overhaul.

The Solution

In pursuit of its goals, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa sought more than just a technology provider;  they needed a reliable partner capable of delivering a robust, secure, and efficient core banking solution, while also offering comprehensive support for both their immediate and long-term objectives.

In 2003, Natech Banking Solutions stepped into this crucial role. The collaboration commenced with an overhaul of the bank’s core banking system. Implementing Natech’s advanced Core Banking solution (CBS1) significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer service, marking a significant advancement in the bank’s digital capabilities.


“Natech’s solutions are, for our Bank, a strategic choice and not just a Core Banking system choice.”

Panagiotis Tournavitis

CEO of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, and VP of FEBEA

Over the years, the partnership has continually grown, with Natech consistently delivering a range of innovative solutions such as web and mobile banking platforms, the ALERTER app, ATM Host, and DIAS payments. These address a variety of customer needs and comply with PSD2 and AML regulations, highlighting the collaboration’s steady growth and ongoing commitment to quality and reliability.

Key Results & Benefits

Through its partnership with Natech, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa has significantly expanded its operations, adapting successfully to the dynamic Greek financial sector. Continuous updates and modernization of services have effectively met customer and regulatory demands while prioritizing efficiency, security, and scalability.

Natech’s ongoing support has been key in streamlining the bank’s operations, reducing the necessity for an expansive in-house IT department. This shift allowed the bank to focus on core business activities and develop a variety of customer-centric products and services.

Benefits – at a glance:

Streamlined operations
The advanced core banking system enables rapid processing and efficient rollout of new products.

Strengthened security
Enhanced data protection and vigilant transaction monitoring ensure robust security.

Enhanced customer experience
User-friendly digital platforms have led to increased customer satisfaction.

Strict regulatory adherence
Compliant with standards like PSD2 and AML, the bank effectively navigates complex regulatory landscapes.

Diversified service range
A wide array of mobile and web banking services cater to diverse customer needs.

Adaptive, future-proof infrastructure
The infrastructure is designed for long-term adaptability, resilience, and evolving banking demands.

Community impact

The partnership between the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa and Natech extends beyond technological advancements, aligning closely with the bank’s vision and commitment to community welfare. 

During regional floods, for example, the bank sought to provide immediate assistance to affected customers. In response, Natech swiftly integrated a new feature into the bank’s web banking system, allowing customers to easily apply for deferment of loan payments. This rapid, cost-free implementation offered immediate financial relief and underscored the role of the partnership, not just in technology provision but as an active contributor to community support.

Looking Forward

The Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, together with Natech, is dedicated to further enhancing its banking services, including payment options and significant upgrades in core, web, and mobile banking systems. This commitment signals a steadfast journey towards continuous innovation and growth, aiming to offer customers tailored services that contribute significantly to community welfare.