Empowering Financial Inclusion: Microsmart's Collaboration with Natech

Microsmart Chooses Natech’s Microfinancing Solution for Its Operations

Natech client since: 2023

Thessaloniki, Greece

Established in 2023 and headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece, Microsmart is a private microfinance institution that holds the distinction of being the first decentralized financing institution to secure the necessary licensing for microfinance activities within the country.

As part of its foundational strategy, Microsmart aims to deliver financial services to small and micro-businesses—a segment often overlooked by traditional banks. Its mission extends to supporting sustainable growth, economic and social integration, skill development, and job creation across Greece.

The Challenge

For Microsmart, entering the Microfinance market meant navigating a complex regulatory landscape and delivering accessible, affordable financial services to traditionally underserved communities. Establishing a robust technological infrastructure was essential to launching its operations and meeting its objectives of promoting financial inclusion and making a positive impact on communities.

The Solution

Microsmart selected and deployed Natech’s Microfinance solution. Designed to meet the unique needs of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), the Natech platform delivers a complete range of services, including loan management, client management, and regulatory compliance. The decision to integrate Natech’s technology was driven by its cost-effectiveness and the high degree of customization it offers.

Natech suite:

Microfinance web solution
A user-friendly platform that enhances operations with real-time data processing

CSB2 back-end system
Customized for microfinance, this system ensures robust data management and offers extensive scalability

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) module
Offers real-time monitoring and risk assessment for money laundering prevention

E-Gov KYC module
A system that streamlines customer onboarding and verification by integrating secure identity checks with government databases


“Our collaboration with Natech marks the beginning of our journey to offer financial access and support services to businesses and citizens traditionally not served by conventional banks.” 

Neoklis Stamkos, CEO, Microsmart

Key Results

Microsmart’s collaboration with Natech has laid the foundation for its operations, supporting its commitment to quickly respond to loan requests, maintain transparency, and prioritize community-focused initiatives. Additionally, it has allowed Microsmart to deliver a modern, digital-first banking experience.

Benefits – at a glance:

Operational & cost efficiency

Streamlined processes enhance service delivery and reduce costs

Streamlined customer journey

Simplified customer onboarding ensures a smoother customer experience

Robust security & compliance

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and E-Gov KYC systems provide stringent adherence to regulations

Scalability for growth

The platform’s scalability supports service expansion without compromising performance or security

Customization options

The modular solution facilitates tailored platform customization, including Tiresias report integration, to meet market and regulatory requirements

Forward Outlook

As Microsmart continues to grow and extend its operations, the collaboration with Natech is seen as an ongoing journey of growth and adaptation. The focus remains on leveraging technology to expand the reach of financial services to underserved communities and citizens and make an even greater positive social impact.